Sleep Easy Pod Enables Hotels and Pubs to Add Letting Rooms


Pubs, hotels and other hospitality businesses can tap into the £750m market for B&B lettings with an innovative new ‘garden room’ solution developed by Booths Garden Studios. The Sleep Easy Pod enables operators to either add an accommodation offer or expand their existing lettings business by using outdoor areas. The Pod is an en suite double bedroom that can be built and connected to utilities in just two days for a total cost of around £25k, a fraction of the time and cost normally required to build or convert letting rooms.

Constructed of steel and upvc, the Pod is zero maintenance with no need for painting or staining. “There are many hotels and pubs which would love to offer extra accommodation without the disruption and expense of a full building development, which can take months. “The Pod is a very cost-effective way for pubs, B&Bs and small hotels to add to an existing accommodation offer by utilising outdoor space, or to make a low-cost entry into the B&B market.”

A prototype Sleep Easy Pod has been installed at the Raven Hotel in Corby, Northants, in a previously unused outside area adjacent to the hotel. Owner Glen Wetherell said: “Our existing 18 rooms are often fully booked from Monday to Thursday. The Sleep Easy Pod requires a footprint of 4.5m x 4.5m as well as access to a water and power supply. The list price is £19,997 including VAT, plus delivery, with the necessary groundwork costs extra.