Roofing options for your garden room or camping pod

Unlike a garden shed that is generally used for storage and an occasional rest stop, an outdoor garden building such as an eco office or even a camping pod, is designed as a long-term useable space for work and/or leisure.

That’s why we don’t use felt roofs on any of our timber built outdoor buildings like what you might have on your garden shed.

Instead we use sturdy roof tiles when we build the roof of our garden buildings and camping pods which are far better for keeping the wet and damp outside where it belongs!

Now we use different types of roofing tiles when constructing garden offices and camping pods but both are lightweight and highly durable to protect your timber building against the elements for many years to come.

So what sort of roof tiles do we use when constructing your camping pod or garden office?

For camping pods and glamping pods we use the Decra Oberon roofing tiles – the world’s only lightweight plain roofing tile.

They are available in four fabulous colours and each gives these leisure timber buildings the look of regular roof tiles while providing a 40-year weather security roofing guarantee as well. Now that’s not bad!

UNIQUE: Decra Oberon roofing tiles used on our camping and glamping pods are the world’s only lightweight plain roofing tile

For our garden building and eco office rooms we use roof panels from a top steel roof manufacturer, Jorside, which has come up with a huge range of roof types and styles to suit various industrial and commercial projects.

You can choose from a selection of great colours to get a roof that compliments the style and colour of the exterior cladding of your garden office.

Whether camping pod or home office, all of our roofing tiles are fitted with a highly efficient roofing insulation system.

Now a top quality roof would be no good at all if it didn’t include all the usual roofing accessories so guess what? We fit the lot including eaves, ridge and roof tile ventilators to complete your lightweight roofing system.

So when thinking about the design of your a garden office or camping pod always remember that the type of good quality yet lightweight roof tiles we use to top off the construction of your timber building will keep the cold and rain out for many years to come and make your wooden shed a cosy place to work, sleep and play.