Why choose the Greeneco pod?

They are many pod manufactures on the market and all claiming to be the best out there, obviously we believe ours is. We pride ourselves in having the best insulation out there and being full eco friendly.


Our insulation is the best on the market, this being a fact. We are the only company who injects the panels with isocyanate resin as appose to using sheep’s wool or Rockwool we use a fraction of what would be used if we were to use sheep’s wool which attracts moths and other bug your campers won’t be happy about or Rockwool the itchy stuff, injecting the insulation also makes it better for the environment. All walls, floor and ceiling are fully insulated which also act as a superb sound barrier, unlike a lot of manufactures who only insulate the wall.
Our insulation is also easily recyclable if you should ever need to recycle it unlike the common sheep’s wool which is harder to dispose of and it produces greenhouse gases – something we thought of when designing the pod we care about the environment and don’t want to contribute to pollution in the environment. It can also be costly to dispose of this type as it has to be disposed of in certain ways.

Unlike other manufactures we do not use cladding instead the isocyanate used for the insulation also acts as a bonding agent holding the inside and outside pieces together. Cladding won’t last as long without splitting or twisting which is why as well as having the latest insulation technology we are also using a specialised technique by using the insulation to bond the panels together, by doing this we eliminates the use of nails and screws making it virtually impossible to spilt or twist like traditional cladding, after 5 years you don’t want to have the hassle of repairing the splitting and twisting this could be costly. The pod is treated with sadolin, two coats are applied which ensure it will last longer than its 30 year guarantee.

We are the only manufacture to give a 40 year guarantee at least 10 more than any other manufacturer on the market. We use Decra roof tiles from a UK supplier which can come in a range of colours.

Unlike other pod manufactures who have all opted for the same boring curved design we decided to be original with our design making it more spacious as the room inside is not taking up by the roof that way when your campers are inside they aren’t always crouching trying not to bang their heads.

Fixtures and fittings
We do not believe in using UPVC windows and doors instead our doors and handmade from wood and fitted with double glazing, in our eyes there is no point building the pod with wood then sticking plastic windows and doors in making it look cheap, greeneco pods are also fitted with the latest security locks recommended by insurance companies.
All pods come standard with electric sockets, smoke alarm and heater.

The standard pod comes at 4.8mtrs x 2.4Mtr and comes with a built in veranda, we also have a smaller pod at 2.4x3.6Mtr which does not have a veranda or the large pod at 2.4x6.0Mtrs which also includes a veranda although was can bespoke pods to any size you wish.

As with all structures a small amount of maintenance will be done every two years by applying a fresh coat of the sadolin to your pod.
Addition features
Beside from making the pod size bespoke we can also customise the pod to how you require it. This can include installing solar panels for more green glampers, under floor heating for the more glamorous glampers, we can also install en-suite facilities or a kitchenette, wall mounted air conditioning for those really hot humid night or perhaps a heat recovery ventilation systems among many other things, anything you want we can certainly do just contact us with your requirements and we will get a quote to you.