‘Carry on Camping’ without a tent!

Do you or someone you know enjoy the idea of camping but would prefer to stay in something more substantial than a canvas tent?

Well the good news is, now you can!

Over the past few years there has been a revolution in the camping tourism market following the introduction of camping pods at many of the UK’s caravan and camping parks.


ENJOY: Camping without a tent!

Due to customer demand many park owners have invested in wooden camping pods to offer campers a cosy and more secure alternative to pitching up a zip-shut canvas tent.

Camping pods offer an upgrade to traditional tent camping and make the camping experience something everyone can enjoy – including people who don’t want to holiday in a tent.

The benefits of camping pods include the following:

  • Include lockable doors and windows for added warmth and security
  • Can include kitchenettes and even come en-suite with toilet and shower facilities in our more luxurious glamping pod designs
  • Remain dry and warm whatever the weather as they are insulated throughout. Our designs come complete with 70mm of airtight foam injected insulation - equivalent to two layers of standard loft insulation
  • Are more spacious than standard tents with enough room to easily accommodate four people
  • Designed with enough headroom for camp bunk beds rather than the thin foam mattress often used underneath a camper’s sleeping bag

So if you are looking for a camping holiday without a tent; then why not consider a camping pod holiday?

You could even sample the delights of camping in Norfolk at Whitehall Farmwhere we have already installed several camping pods.