Where to Stay in a Camping Pod in the UK

Lately, camping pods have become the preferred choice of campers. It is understandable why they prefer these sophisticated pods to crude tents. Without compromising the experience of camping, camping pods give you an option of staying comfortably and safely, irrespective of the weather. However, camping pods are not as portable as tents even though they are mobile.

You have to choose a camping site which is already pre-equipped with camping pods. In the United Kingdom, many campsite managers provide camping pods for rent. To help you in choosing a campsite with camping pods, here is a list of places and what you can expect from the camping pods in those places.

Hayfield Club

Located at the base of Kinder Massif, Hayfield Club Site has three camping pods which are installed strategically in one of the best camping sites of the area. This site is located in Peak District National Park’s Dark Peak locality. The pods are situated at a place where you can choose to stroll on gentle plains or tackle some of the more challenging climbs.

Coming to the pods themselves, each pod can comfortably accommodate four people. They have access to electricity and there are two sockets per pod, for plugging in any of your gadgets. The pods themselves are comfortable with carpets and beds. If you fancy cooking at the campsite, you have all the facilities to do so, including a fire pit.


If you are located closer to the Northumberland National Park, you can choose the Bellingham camping site. The pods here are provided with a porch and there are a total of four pods which have their own set of table and chairs. You also have heating facility in case the weather gets too cold. This is one of the more frequented camping sites and hence, you will have to book in advance to get a reservation. One major advantage of the Bellingham site is that they allow pets into their camping pods.


If you prefer a site which is situated at the shore of Loch Greshornish, you can try the Skye camping site. There are two pods which are relatively empty compared to the other camping sites. You will have to request camp beds or carry in your own sleeping bags. As always, each pod can accommodate up to four people comfortably and you can also cook on site if you fancy. There are a few challenging climbs and gentle plains for you to enjoy here.


Yurts near to Church Bay, Anglesey are the nearest we could find to a pod in Anglesey. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The yurt is set in a secluded area of an old orchard next to a small stream. It is a private suntrap that takes advantage of the mild Anglesey climate. The yurt has its own firepit, barbecue, picnic table and benches, and there is also a hammock to relax in and watch the world go by. Nearby is an Anglesey cottage, dogs are allowed on site.