Pods are becoming popular alternatives to camping.

A holiday under canvas or one in your own mobile home-from-home – will it be camping or caravanning?

Both camps – as it were – have their advocates, with each side’s devotees passionate about where and how they spend their leisure time. But now there’s some common ground.

The Caravan Club has more than 200 sites across the UK with over a million people using them, not just caravanners, motorhomers and trailer-tenters but tent campers, too.

And they’ve just unveiled a new offering – cosy wooden pods.

They bridge the gap between camping and caravanning by providing a permanent structure that appeals to tent lovers but doesn’t need erecting. And that makes it a convenient and ready-to-use option, just like a caravan.

Just half a dozen are initially being tried out across the UK, with two of them in Scotland.

They are at the Club’s Strathclyde Park site and have been christened “Bonnie and Clyde”.

“The pods are simple and basic in design,” says Ellen Shotts of the Caravan Club. Unlike a tent, they are well insulated and have beds, a table, chairs and heating, with lighting and electrics included.

“Sites have full shower and washroom facilities on hand, completing the package. Due to their level of comfort, the pods are available for booking 365-days-a-year, ensuring camping doesn’t have to be seasonal.”

Adds Ellen: “The ethos of the Club has always been to enable access to the outdoors. These pods allow us to extend the choice available, giving people the freedom to choose how they wish to experience it.”

And carvanning business is booming in general, with Scots boss of the Club David Gray saying that demand is strong and growing.

Some nice warm summer weather prompted many to take to the outdoors and the hope is that the pods will mean that experiencing the beauties of Scotland is appealing for more of the year. Booking of the two Strathclyde pods has just opened.

If demand for the two – and the others at Brighton and London’s Abbey Wood Site – are as strong as expected, the Club say they’ll definitely look at making pod living available much more widely across the UK.

“Things are looking very positive and they will provide a great alternative,” said David.