Chalet pods and Camping Pods mean more Brits stay at home for holidays

Britain is growing increasingly fond of so-called staycations, with travellers becoming more willing to take a short trip on these shores instead of venturing abroad as recessionary mindsets prevail despite the improving economy.

The number of foreign trips Britons take is 16pc lower than it was before the recession, according to data from Visit England, the country’s national tourist board, while holidays in England jumped by 12pc between 2008 and 2013.

Short trips are the fastest growing area of domestic vacations, with 29.6m one- to three-day holidays taken in England in 2013, a 17pc increase on 2008.

Longer holidays increased by 5pc over the five-year period due to an increase in the number of trips lasting between four days and one week.

Trips lasting for eight days or more remain unchanged, accounting for less than half a percent of total Britons’ holidays taken in England.