POD tents ready to connect people

POD Tents is set to revolutionise the sleeping and socialising situation for camping regulars, with its unique interconnecting tents that create the perfect camping community. With Mini and Maxi sleeping pods that are private and personalised, and the ability to build camps in a variety of formulations and layouts, to add a bit more fun to a weekend away. Click here for camping pod sales.

About POD

The new, revolutionary POD designed by M2C Innovation Camping pods manufacturer is a social camping concept that enables tents to be interlinked in order to build a community whether with friends or family. Click here for camping pod sales.

Pod say its perfect for a growing family, each family can have their own sleeping POD resulting in undisturbed sleep and meaning that you don’t need to buy a larger tent as your family expands – just add another POD.


With interconnection tunnels you can safely party into the night with friends and a modular design by a National Camping pods manufacturer means that you can have a central POD for living in the day and separate internal or external sleeping PODs.

Spacious on the inside and stylish on the outside, Chalet pods and POD Tents are a trendy but practical way for groups of friends to enhance their social camping experience and are also incredibly flexible with the POD add-ons that can be linked with the existing tents.

The high-quality materials and construction of the tents by a National Camping pods manufacturer mean that camping regulars will be able to enjoy their portable campsite again and again, revelling in the social element and the privacy of their own Chalet pods or pod.