Doors & Windows

As standard all Green Eco Living Garden Offices and Camping Pods are fitted with pvc-u doors and windows.

Optional Garden Studio Aluminium Doors & Windows

Alternatively all Green Eco Living GardenGarden Offices and Camping Pods can be fitted with the with aluminium doors and windows.


Patio doors

Patio doors improve access from your garden room to your outdoor living space, garden, courtyard or patio area. During the summer months the patio doors enable you to improve the ventilation and air flow in your garden room as well as providing a stylish way of merging your indoor and outdoor spaces. Elegant and timeless our high quality patio doors will compliment any home or outdoor environment. The patio doors have been manufactured, designed and tested to achieve the highest level of security.

Bi-Folding Sliding Doors

Our sleek, space saving and practical patio doors are fitted with a very sophisticated operating mechanism for ease of opening and secure locking. With galvanised steel reinforcement and concealed gaskets our doors have a high security locking system on both the master and slave door comprising a system of hook locks, shoot bolts and deadlocks. Our patio doors are fitted with the award-winning Yale high security multi-point locking systems to give your garden room the maximum protection.

Fixed Glass Window Panels

The patio windows combined with the patio doors allow plenty of natural light to enter the structure and provide a stunning focal point from within the structure into your garden, courtyard or patio area. As per the picture opposite one full length fixed patio window is normally positioned at each side of the patio doors. However the position of the patio doors and windows can be altered to suit a particular customer preference.

Picture Opening Window

The picture window allows additional internal light to enter the room and is normally positioned towards the rear of the structure. It is important to think carefully about where you would like to position this long length fixed picture window. We would advise that you draw a quick plan of where you intend to position your internal contents. You would not want this window to obstruct the positioning of a desk, wall mounted TV, bookcase etc. Please note: We are able to offer a number of different options for this particular window. For example you may require a more conventional square opening window instead.

Door & Window Position

The position of the aluminium or UPVC 3 door bi-folding sliding door section and the opening window (and any additional windows required) is at the discretion of the customer. The garden studio bi-folding door and window are supplied double glazed with dark grey aluminium or UPVC profiles on the outside and the inside. Additional profile colours are available on request. Each bi-folding sliding door section and window is supplied with heat saving 28mm double glazed units and warm edge super spacer bars as standard.

Door Security

The aluminium bi-folding doors and windows are designed with security in mind. Link rods are inserted into each door profile's gearing channel prior to joining all pieces together. To provide additional protection, moving C locks are also inserted into this channel. Once the door's four pieces are connected, there is no way to remove the locks. Three sides of the door's handled vents have moving locks, while the remaining side is secured with heavy duty hinges. Toughened glass units are built into the inside to increase security. Once fully installed, the aluminium bi-folding doors and aluminium windows offer superior security and a robust barrier against the natural elements.

Window Security

The position of the doors and window (and any additional windows required) is at the discretion of the customer. All doors and windows are supplied double glazed with PVC-u oak wood grain effect on the outside and white on the inside. In recent years technology in the double glazed door and window industry has advanced considerably and the latest PVC-u windows are far more energy efficient. All double glazed units are supplied with low-E solar, energy efficient insulated Planitherm clear glass as standard complete with warm edge super spacer bars. (See technical below for further information). All of course depending on your choices.

Planitherm Clear Glass

Most glass is manufactured using a hard coating process which often leaves a dusty looking haze across the surface and more of a tint to the glass. Planiterm clear glass uses a different manufacturing process and as such produces an excellent, energy efficient beautiful natural clear finish.

Low-E Solar Glass

A low-E glass is a glass with a special coating designed to reflect heat back into the room, thus reducing heat loss. The extent to which low-E glass reduces heat loss is measured by the U-value, the lower the U-value the better the thermal insulation. The Low-E glass windows comply with the latest building regulations with regards to thermal efficiency. These new regulations have been introduced to reduce CO2 emissions associated with heating.

Warm Edge Super Spacer Bars

Conventional widows and doors incorporate an aluminium spacer bar situated inside the framework. Our windows and doors incorporate the latest Super spacer warm edge spacer bars. Super spacer is by far the best performing warm edge spacer bar currently available.

The main benefits of the warm edge spacer bars are:

  • Reduction in sound transfer.
  • Reduced condensation.
  • Reduced heat loss.