HOME GARDEN OFFICE: A beneficial addition to your home that adds value to your work

So what are the pros of a garden building compared to building an office extension or converting the loft as your work from home office?

Well here are 5 quick advantages to building a garden office:

Quicker build time: Even the simplest loft conversion or smallest home extension will typically take months to design and build compared to that of a garden building, which can be used as a work from home office in a matter of weeks.

Typically cheaper to build with no hidden extras: Unlike a home extension or loft conversion, a timber built garden office is typically cheaper to build and the price agreed following a FREE site survey is the price you pay, meaning there won't be any hidden financial extras during the build such as an old drain that might need shifting or faulty joists that need replacing.

Allows you privacy: Unlike a loft conversion or extra room built onto your property, a garden building is not attached to the house so allows you that separation from the home where you can work in privacy away from home distractions but near enough to deal with household emergencies.

Gives you personal space: A garden office that you can maintain however you like and lock-up when you leave means that you can enjoy having a personal space to work in private away from other family members.

Adds professionalism: Imagine how professional it would look to hold client meetings in comfort and style in your very own garden office and not having to trail them through your house to the spare room that doubles up as your home office or up two flight of stairs to your loft conversion office.

Now these are just 5 advantages to owning a garden office. To find out more about the benefits of shed working and building a garden office as a work from home space visit our home garden offices browse this website or give us a call on 01257 453791.