The main structure of our garden office buildings is injected with 70mm of our specially developed foam insulation – equivalent to two layers of standard fibreglass loft insulation.

This includes the floor and roof creating an excellent soundproof garden room that is insulated to a very high standard.

So in-between the outer 18mm wood panel and the 11mm OSB board inner side, you have 70mm of injected foam insulation.

And unlike your loft insulation that just flops between the joists, our injected foam insulation grips the outer panel and OSB board so tight that there is no chance of any movement or windy gaps.

We call this our SIPS Panel design (Structural Insulated Panel) and it is this that makes a Green Eco Living garden office not only unique but the most energy efficient product on the market.

The inner walls of all our garden offices are finished in plasterboard and skimmed joints. They are painted in a white matt emulsion finish ready for you to use as a work from home office.

You can choose from a selection of external wood panel finishes but whichever you opt for all the panels are bonded onto the main structure as we don’t use nails.

This means that your garden office is not going to look rusty around the nails after a few rainy days and will remain looking like a smart, new garden office for much longer.