Why not invest in an outdoor boutique hotel room or luxury camping pod and offer guests a place to stay on the grounds of your business premises?

Our bespoke en-suite boutique rooms create premium guest space for small hotels and restaurants where indoor guest space might be a squeeze.

Why let guests book into another hotel down the road when you could have a stylish rental building on the grounds of your premises?

We can help you plan and design your premium boutique hotel room or even a new style, bigger camping pod that comes complete with kitchenette and en-suite facilities.

Here are some of the main benefits of an outdoor building on your premises:

  • Relatively low investment with potential for year-round, long-term return
  • Rental incomes of £65 upwards per night will return most of your investment within a year
  • Typically installed within 4-6 weeks
  • Allows you to hang-on to guests that much longer
  • Likely to prevent guests from booking into a hotel down the road as you will have hotel accommodation available
  • Offers guests a hotel stay with a difference and allows you to capitalise on the novelty factor of owning wooden build outdoor hotel rooms

All of our outdoor buildings are very thermally efficient due to our unique SIPS Panel design (Structural Insulated Panel), an injected foam insulated 70mm thick wall section – equivalent to two layers of standard fibreglass loft insulation.

Further insulation is fitted to the roof and floor space and under floor heating, low energy lighting and lockable double-glazed windows and doors create a warm and inviting outdoor space.

Although based in Lancashire, we supply and install outdoor buildings across the UK and are a leading supplier of garden offices, hotel rooms, lodges, mobile homes and camping pods.