GreenEco garden office & studios including music rooms and granny annexes offer any design you requrie. GreenEco offices are built in our showroom. Our unique insulation offers you a new office and a new work environment for your to enjoy. Using a combination of natural wood materials and very superior injected insulation panels as well as double glazing gives our product an ultra modern look in design, providing a very highly energy efficient environmnet to work or play from.

There are many advantages to having one of our garden office studios which will offer you a real flexibility to provide a number of various opportunities where you can have a number of different alternative uses, music room, gym, granny annexe etc.

Garden offices are a far cheaper alternative to building an extension and with a varied selection of sizes available and prices starting from £7,500 it really gives you an altenative to renting office space, which in a city on average is £100 a week with an anual spend of £5,200 plus VAT and the additonal costs of traveling to work etc you could make a yearly average saving of £7,000-£8-000.

Our offices offer the very latest insulation as we are the only company to inject our offices in the UK. We are passionate about our product if you would like more information please have a look at our specification page here or should you require a free survey please contact us by the contact page, phone or email and we will get back to you at the earliest.