Planning Permission

The first is planning permission. This can be a little complicated as rules and regulations are changed on a regular basis so you should contact your local council to find out if this is something you would need to have. Just think how frustrated you’ll be if you’ve gone to all the trouble of designing and installing your dream garden office only to find it contravenes certain regulations and has to be removed. Although it may be a little extra hassle, it is worthwhile contacting the relevant authorities to make doubly sure.

Generally the rule is you do not need planning permission if the building is single storey, with a maximum height of 4 metres for a dual pitched roof or 3 metres for any other roof. This differs somewhat if the garden office is situated within 2 metres of any boundary, in which case the maximum height must not exceed 2.5 metres. If you live in a conservation area then there may be other pitfalls so as we said it’s best to contact the powers that be before you do anything.


You need to think where in your garden you want your office to be situated. Obviously you will have the ideal place in your head but planning permission may dictate the location of your office, so have a good look around at where you think would be best.

The Foundations

We are often asked what foundations are required for a garden office and the answer depends entirely on the structure of your building. Offices usually sit on individual concrete pads that can be adjusted to ensure your office remains completely level at all times.

Insulation & Electrics

All our structures are double glazed and fully insulated/soundproofed with 70mm foam, utilising all the latest techniques to ensure that any heat is kept inside your office. This allows you to work in comfort all year round without catching a deathly cold that could lead to you missing valuable work time.

Once you’ve taken all of these things into consideration it’s time to head on over to Green Eco Living to choose the right garden office for you.